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Happiness can make money at work

November 17, 2016 on RTS (Swiss radio). By Estelle Braconnier. Translated from French. The Happiness Economics Institute opens on Thursday in Paris. Its mission is to spread academic research in Happiness Economics and accompany businesses that are eager to grow in a happy direction.  To produce more, happiness at work is key! That's the motto of Mickaël Mangot, Executive Director of this new institute: "Take one person and make her happier at work and she'll become more productive, exhibit prosocial behaviors in the workplace and probably be more creative as well", the economist explains. "In the end (…), companies where employees have the [...]

HEI’s opening press conference

November 17, 2016. Today took place the opening press conference of the Happiness Economics Institute at La Maison des Ingénieurs de l'Agro in Paris. That press conference offered the opportunity to introduce happiness economics and the Institute's mission, services and staff. We provided insights about the Institute's expertise based on two case studies: entrepreneurship and Donald Trump's election. Thanks to all participants, we had a pleasant, friendly and stimulating moment. The conference was made especially timely by the news: COP 22, Donald Trump's election and the presidential primaries in France, the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the upcoming Telethon and Christmas [...]

The 5/7 by France Inter

November 17, 2016 on France Inter (French radio). Mickaël Mangot, Executive Director of the HEI, was interviewed by Eric Delvaux in the 5/7 to discuss the inauguration of the HEI on the very same day in Paris. Listen to the interview on France Inter (in French)

Conference at ESSEC : “Unexpected Lessons from Happiness Economics”

October 18, 2016. Mickaël Mangot, Executive Director of the Happiness Economics Institute, delivered a three-hour conference entitled "Unexpected lessons from Happiness Economics"to a public of international students of the Specialized Master in Strategy and Management of International Business at ESSEC Business School (Cergy-Pontoise, France). During the conference, he tackled the following topics: The methodology of Happiness Economics The relationship between income and happiness The Easterlin Paradox The relationship between consumption and happiness The determinants of job satisfaction The importance of happiness in individual decisions

79th congress of the CNA in Can Thô (Vietnam)

September 12, 2016. Mickaël Mangot, Executive Director of the HEI, gave a series of three conferences during the 79th annual congress of the Confédération Nationale des Avocats in Can Thô (Vietnam). In this series, Mickaël tackled the following issues: Why is happiness economics necessary? Does economics and happiness contradict each other? Is happiness related to economic development? The distribution of happiness around the world Happiness variations across Asian countries Explaining the cross-country differences in happiness Does work foster happiness? Are lawyers a happy professional group?  

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