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HEI’s opening press conference

November 17, 2016. Today took place the opening press conference of the Happiness Economics Institute at La Maison des Ingénieurs de l'Agro in Paris. That press conference offered the opportunity to introduce happiness economics and the Institute's mission, services and staff. We provided insights about the Institute's expertise based on two case studies: entrepreneurship and Donald Trump's election. Thanks to all participants, we had a pleasant, friendly and stimulating moment. The conference was made especially timely by the news: COP 22, Donald Trump's election and the presidential primaries in France, the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the upcoming Telethon and Christmas [...]

Why has happiness stopped increasing in rich countries?

October 7, 2016. While household income continues to grow in developed countries, mean happiness often stalls. Let's try to solve that paradox. In the 1970s, the American economist Richard Easterlinmade a stunning observation, known eversince as the 'Easterlin Paradox'. On the one side, look at self-declared happiness by individuals from one single country or mean happiness across countries and you will conclude without any doubt that the richer you are, the more satisfied you are with your life. That golden rule is also supported by the strong correlation between growth evolutions and life satisfaction changes at national levels: life satisfaction increases when growth accelerates [...]

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